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Groundwater Sustainability Plan


Base Information

Blaine Reely (County of San Luis Obispo GSA - San Luis Obispo Valley)
1055 Monterey Street
Suite D430
File Name GSP Regulation Element(s) Uploaded Date & Time
Title Publication Name Publish Date Author(s) File Name or URL
City of San Luis Obispo Groundwater Basin Evaluation 1991-01-01 Boyle Engineering
San Luis Obispo County Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP) 2014-01-01 County of San Luis Obispo
Mitigated Negative Declaration/Initial Study Edna Valley Groundwater Basin Recharge and Steehead Habitat Enhancement Project 2014-07-01 Coastal San Luis Resource Conservation District
Groundwater Yield Analysis 2000-07-25 TEAM Engineering & Management
San Luis Obispo Creek Watershed Calibration Study 2007-12-14 Questa Engineering Corporation
Hydrology and Geology Assessment of the Pismo Creek Watershed, San Luis Obispo County, California 2008-08-01 Balance Hydrologics
Percolation Zone Study of Pilot-Study Groundwater Basins in San Luis Obispo County, California 2015-09-01 Stillwater Sciences
Assessing Instream Flows in the Pismo Creek Watershed 2016-04-01 Stillwater Sciences
CASGEM Monitoring Plan for High and Medium Priority Groundwater Basins in the San Luis Obispo County Flood Control & Water Conservation District 2014-09-01 San Luis Obispo County Flood Control & Water Conservation District
SUBSIDENCE EVALUATION San Luis Obispo Valley Groundwater Basin Characterization Project San Luis Obispo County, California 2017-10-30 Yeh and Associates, Inc.
San Luis-Edna Valley Groundwater Basin Study, Draft Report 1997-12-01 California Department of Water Resources
San Luis Obispo Valley Basin Characterization and Monitoring Well Installation 2018-01-18 GSI Water Solutions, Inc.
San Luis Obispo County Investigation. State Water Resources Board Bulletin No. 18 1958-05-01 California Department of Water Resources
2017 Recycled Water Master Plan 2017-12-01 City of San Luis Obispo, Utilities Department, Water DIvision
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