The following table lists all GSPs submitted to DWR, and includes the dates of submittal, posting, and the close of the official public comment period. Note that GSPs on this list with a submittal date but no posting or other dates are still being processed by DWR prior to posting. DWR is required to post GSPs within 20 days of submittal. DWR will notify the public when GSPs are posted using its SGMA listserv. To sign up for the listserv visit Also note that basins preparing multiple GSPs must load all of the plans and the coordination agreement before the GSPs will display as submitted on this list.

DWR's initial GSP posting initiates a 75-day public comment period. DWR's posting of an Incomplete GSP resubmission initiates a 60 day public comment period. To submit a public comment select a blue comment box in the table below. More information about how to comment on a GSP can be found in the public comment factsheet, available in English and Spanish. Please note that a SGMA Portal account is not required to submit a public comment.

General comments on GSPs (i.e., those comments not on a specific GSP or group GSPs) may be submitted on the GSP General Comments page.

Blue highlighted text in the Date Submitted column indicates that the GSP was Not Accepted for review. Select the comment bubble associated with the Basin to read a summarized explanation for why the GSP was not accepted for review.