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Groundwater Sustainability Plan

5-021.60 NORTH YUBA

Base Information

Ryan McNally (Yuba Water Agency GSA - North Yuba)
1220 F Street
(530) 741-5037
Public Hearing Date: 02/21/2020
Added the Cordua Irrigation District GSA's Resolution 2020-1 document following adoption. Added the City of Marysville GSA's proof of public hearing notice and Resolution 2020-21 document following adoption.
Proof of Notice of Public Hearing 1-11.pdf (110.3kB)
Resolution 2020-1.pdf (100.1kB)
City of Marysville_Public Hearing_58 - GSP.pdf (85.2kB)
Reso 2020-21 Groundwater Sustainability Plan.pdf (92.5kB)
File Name GSP Regulation Element(s) Uploaded Date & Time
Using GWL as a Proxy for Depletion of ICSW in the Yuba Subbasins.pdf (191.2kB) §354.36(b)(1) 08/27/2021 1:42 PM
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