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East Kaweah GSA


Point of Contact Information

AGSA Eligibility Determination

  1. EKGSA is a joint powers authority, formed pursuant to California Government Code sections 6500, et. seq, between Lindmore Irrigation District, Lindsay-Strathmore Irrigation District, Exeter Irrigation District, Ivanhoe Irrigation District, Stone Corral Irrigation District, the City of Lindsay, and the County of Tulare. The County of Tulare has land use authority over the entirety of EKGSA's jurisdiction. The other member units are special districts formed pursuant to various provisions of the California Water Code and California Water Code Appendix with the power to acquire water supplies for their districts and manage such supply.
  2. No

BDecision to Become a GSA

  1. 05/31/2017
  2. RESOLUTION 2017-01.pdf (80.9kB) Uploaded on 06/05/2017 at 02:07PM
  3. EKGSA submitted formation documents in December 2016. At the time, EKGSA's proposed boundaries partially overlapped with the boundaries of a neighboring GSA. Those boundary conflicts were resolved between the two agencies and EKGSA held a public hearing to on May 31, 2017 to confirm the new boundaries.

CType of GSA Formation and Contact Information

    East Kaweah GSA
  1. Michael Hagman

DMap & Service Area Boundaries

  2. EKGSA MAP.pdf (418.4kB) Uploaded on 06/05/2017 at 02:08PM
  3. EKGSA_AgenciesSA.zip (42.5kB) Uploaded on 06/05/2017 at 02:09PM
  4. EKGSA_ProposedBoundary.zip (31.5kB) Uploaded on 06/05/2017 at 02:10PM
  5. A small portion of the boundary of EKGSA appears to cross into the Tule Basin. EKGSA is aware of the issue, which appears to affect less than 50 acres of land. It does not appear that the discrepancy is based on hydrological conditions. At the appropriate time, EKGSA will bring a basin boundary modification to resolve the discrepancy.

ERequired Documents

  1. EKGSA NOTICE OF INTERESTED PERSONS.pdf (95.6kB) Uploaded on 06/05/2017 at 02:31PM
  2. Other agencies that are managing or proposing to manage groundwater within the Kaweah Subbasin include: the Greater Kaweah Groundwater Sustainability Agency (amended notice posted May 1, 2017) and the Mid-Kaweah Groundwater Subbasin Joint Powers Authority (exclusive GSA).
  3. As of this filing, EKGSA has no adopted any new laws, ordinances, or authorities.