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Base Information

Piret Harmon (Salinas Valley Basin GSA)
1441 Schilling Place
Notice Date: 09/08/2021
Two notices of the planned adoption were provided to Monterey County and King City: first on 9/8/2021, and then an updated one on 1/11/2022.
Monterey County 90 day notice 1-11-22.pdf (59.4kB)
Monterey County 90 day notice.pdf (59.3kB)
King City 90 day notice 1-11-22.pdf (59.1kB)
King City 90 day notice.pdf (59kB)
Public Hearing Date: 01/13/2022
There are two notices of the public hearing: for the original intended GSP adoption at the 12/9/2021 meeting, and then for the meeting the GSP was ultimately adopted at on 1/13/2022.
Public Hearing Notice 1-13_9483_LEGAL.pdf (32.3kB)
Publice Hearing Notice 12-9.pdf (128.4kB)
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