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Base Information

Piret Harmon (Salinas Valley Basin GSA)
1441 Schilling Place
Notice Date: 09/08/2021
Two notices of the planned adoption were provided to Monterey County, Salinas, and Gonzales: first on 9/8/2021, and then an updated one on 1/11/2022.
Monterey County 90 day notice 1-11-22.pdf (59.4kB)
Monterey County 90 day notice.pdf (59.3kB)
Salinas 90 day notice 1-11-22.pdf (58.9kB)
Salinas 90 day notice.pdf (58.9kB)
Gonzales 90 day notice 1-11-22.pdf (58.9kB)
Gonzales 90 day notice.pdf (58.9kB)
Public Hearing Date: 01/13/2022
There are two notices of the public hearing: for the original intended GSP adoption at the 12/9/2021 meeting, and then for the meeting the GSP was ultimately adopted at on 1/13/2022.
Public Hearing Notice 1-13_9483_LEGAL.pdf (32.3kB)
Publice Hearing Notice 12-9.pdf (128.4kB)
File Name GSP Regulation Element(s) Uploaded Date & Time
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Rotational Cover Crop Plan Economic Analysis: Private Costs and Public Benefits of Cover Crop Fallowing in the Pajaro Valley and Potential Incentive Structures Technical Report 2017-06-01 Highland Economics
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Salinas River Stream Maintenance Program Permit Application Supplemental Attachement Application 2016-01-01 Monterey County Water Resources Agency
Email sent by Tamara Voss (MCWRA). Subject: Data request from MCWRA - GWL Change and Website Link for Extraction Reports Email 2018-08-09 Monterey County Water Resources Agency
New Source Water Supply Study Technical Report 2018-01-01 Monterey County Water Resources Agency
Nacimiento Dam Operation Policy Management Plan 2018-02-20 Monterey County Water Resources Agency
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Monitoring Networks and Identification of Data Gaps Best Management Practices Guidance Document 2016-12-01 Department of Water Resources
Sustainable Management Criteria Best Management Practices Guidance Document 2017-11-01 Department of Water Resources
Guidance for Climate Change Data During Groundwater Sustainability Plan Development Guidance Document 2018-07-01 Department of Water Resources
Email sent by Benjamin Brezing (DWR). Subject: Error bounds on subsidence raster Email 2019-05-30 Department of Water Resources
Well Completion Report Map Application Dataset 2020-01-01 Department of Water Resources
Natural Communities Commonly Associated with Groundwater (NCCAG) Dataset 2020-01-01 Department of Water Resources
SGMA Data Viewer Map Application Dataset 2020-01-01 Department of Water Resources
Handbook for Water Budget Development Guidance Document 2020-02-01 Department of Water Resources
Household Water Supply Shortage Reporting System web form Website 2021-01-01 Department of Water Resources
Digital simulation of the effects of urbanization on runoff in the upper Santa Ana Valley, California USGS Water Resource Investigations 1974-02-01 Durbin, Timothy J.
Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Digital Flow Models of the Salinas Valley Ground-Water Basin, California USGS Water Resource Investigations 1978-11-01 Durbin, Timothy J., G.W. Kapple and J.R. Freckleton
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