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GSP Initial Notification

01/22/2018   01/30/2022
  1. Single GSP for the entire basin
  2. Atascadero Basin GSA (Exclusive)
  3. John Neil
    (Atascadero Basin GSA)
    5005 El Camio Real, Atascadero, CA93422
    (805) 466-2428

  4. The Atascadero Basin GSA was formed under a memorandum of agreement between the County of San Luis Obispo, City of Paso Robles, City of Atascadero, Templeton Community Services District, Atascadero Mutual Water Company, Garden Farms Community Water District, Walnut Hills Mutual Water Company, Santa Ysabel Ranch Mutual Water Company, SMR Mutual Water Company, and the Atascadero State Hospital. Interested parties may participate in the development of the Atascadero Basin GSP by attending the meetings of the Atascadero Basin GSA Executive Committee and/or any related public meetings and by participating in any public outreach and education programs and workshops undertaken as part of the stakeholder participation plan developed by the Atascadero Basin GSA. Additionally, the Atascadero Basin GSA Executive Committee includes positions for stakeholders in the Atascadero Basin including: Agricultural At-Large Member, Rural Residential At-Large Member, and Environmental At-Large Member. Any interested party living in the Atascadero Basin could apply to become a member. The Atascadero Basin GSA Executive Committee meeting dates and locations are noticed through the interested stakeholder e-mail list and press releases as well as in accordance with all Brown Act requirements. One of the first activities in the development of the Atascadero Basin GSP will be the preparation of a Communications and Engagement Plan to provide additional information on how Interested Parties can participate in the development of the GSP. The plan will identify specific groups, parties, organizations, and agencies that may be interested in the development of the GSP. Interested parties can visit the Atascadero Basin GSA?s webpage at: to get additional information, sign up for the interested stakeholder e-mail list, and to see materials for past or upcoming meetings related to the GSP development.