Welcome to DWR's SGMA Portal

This portal allows local agencies, groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs), and watermasters to submit, modify, and view the information required by the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), and enables the public and interested stakeholders to view submitted information and provide comments, where applicable. No login is required for public access.

  • For local agency, GSA, and watermaster access an account is required.
  • If you have an account, sign in here.
  • If you do not have an account, you can register here.
  • If you forgot your password, you can recover it here.
  • Once an account is created in the SGMA Portal, a local agency, GSA, or watermaster will only have access to the information that it has uploaded, as well as the information available on the public access site.

The SGMA Portal will coordinate DWR's SGMA responsibilities related to the following topics:

  • GSA: Local agencies can submit their GSA Formation Notification and can make changes to that notification in accordance with Water Code §10723 et seq. Information will not be posted to the public access site until reviewed for completeness. Additional Information is available on DWR's GSA Website
  • GSP: GSAs can coordinate to develop one or more groundwater sustainability plans (GSPs) in a basin and can submit information in accordance with Water Code §10727 et seq. and the GSP Emergency Regulations. Additional Information is available on DWR's GSP Website
  • Alternatives: Local agencies or GSAs can submit Alternatives as described in Water Code §10733.6. Additional Information is available on DWR's Alternative Submittal Website
  • Adjudicated Areas: The adjudicated areas listed in Water Code §10720.8 can access information uploaded on April 1, 2016, and submit annual reports. Additional Information is available on DWR's Adjudicated Area Website

If you have questions or comments, please contact the DWR representative identified on the specific SGMA topic. If you have general SGMA questions, please email DWR at sgmps@water.ca.gov.

GSA Formation Notification System

Local Agency/Entity Access

Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA)

This system is intended for use by local agencies forming GSAs in accordance with Water Code Water Code §10723 et seq. and for the public to readily view that information. Local agencies must sign in to the SGMA Portal and upload all required information before the GSA formation notice will be posted. DWR will only post complete notices to the public viewing site. The following should be considered when deciding to become or form a GSA:

  • Only local agencies are eligible to become or form GSAs.
  • A combination of local agencies may form a GSA by using any of the following methods: (1) a joint powers agreement (JPA); or (2) a memorandum of agreement (MOA) or other legal agreement. Each local agency coordinating through a MOA or other legal agreement should provide a resolution to show GSA management intent.
  • The decision to become a GSA shall take effect as provided in Water Code Water Code §10723.8.
  • Local agencies should clearly state groundwater management intent in the GSA formation information; for example, information that clearly states a local agency intends to form a GSA within a particular area(s), within a particular county(s), and within a particular basin(s).
  • Due to positional accuracy associated with GIS shapefiles, a GSA shapefile may unintentionally extend into an adjacent basin or county. A 500-foot buffer zone has been applied to the GSA Map Viewer to account for GIS shapefile variability. Local agencies should coordinate with each other to improve the accuracy of their GIS shapefiles to clearly define GSA areas.
  • DWR will consider clear management intent when determining the extent of overlap, if any. Any GSA overlap over 500 feet will be considered intentional overlap. Adjacent local agencies or GSAs should coordinate to resolve unintended boundary overlap.
  • Local agencies and GSAs should be contacted to determine parcel-level detail related to GSA, service area, county, and basin boundaries.
  • A GSA is only considered exclusive within the area it intends to manage, within its service area, as described in the posted notice.
  • All compliance questions should be directed to the State Water Resources Control Board. A link to the State Water Board's website and Compliance Map is provided above.

For additional information regarding GSAs and DWR's role in their formation, please contact Mark Nordberg at Mark.Nordberg@water.ca.gov or 916-651-9673. The State Water Resources Control Board can be reached at groundwater_management@waterboards.ca.gov.

GSP Initial Notification System

  • Click here to comment on a submitted GSP Initial Notification.
  • Instructions for commenting on GSP Initial Notifications.

GSA Access

GSP Initial Notification System

This system is intended for use by Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) to submit Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) Initial Notifications, as required by Section 353.6 of the Groundwater Sustainability Plan Emergency Regulations and for the public to access and comment on submitted notifications. The notification provides general information about the GSAs process for developing the GSP, including the manner in which interested parties may contact the GSA and participate in the development and implementation of the GSP.

Registration and login are required to submit a GSP Initial Notification, but are not required to view or comment on submitted notifications.

  • Prior to submitting a GSP Initial Notification, a printable template is available here to inform you of the items needed to complete the submission.
  • Upon submission, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your GSP Initial Notification.
  • For assistance with this system, please email Monica.Reis@water.ca.gov.

NOTE: All information submitted to the GSP Initial Notification System website can be viewed by the public.

Alternative Reporting System

  • Click here to comment on Submitted Alternatives (this link should take you to the list of submitted alternatives).
  • Instructions for Public Comments.

Local Agency/Entity Access


The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) established a process for local agencies to submit an Alternative (to a Groundwater Sustainability Plan) to DWR by January 1, 2017, and every five years thereafter (see Water Code §10733.6). This tool is for use by submitting agencies to submit Alternatives and for the public to access and comment on Alternatives. Additional Information is available on DWR's Alternative Submittal Website

Registration and login are required to submit an Alternative, but are not required to view submitted information.

NOTE: All information submitted to the Alternative Reporting System website can be viewed by the public.

Adjudicated Basins

The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act asks watermasters or managers of adjudicated areas to submit certain values and documents to DWR by April 1 of each year. (see Water Code section §10720.8) This site was developed to allow watermasters and managers to submit the required information to DWR.

Watermasters and managers of adjudicated areas must establish a secure User ID and Password in order to access the system and submit information. Once submitted, the information for a reporting year is locked. If updates or corrections are necessary, please send an email to Timothy.Ross@water.ca.gov.

NOTE: All information submitted to the Adjudicated Basin Annual Reporting System website can be viewed by the public.