Heritage Ranch Community Service District - 3-004.06 SALINAS VALLEY - PASO ROBLES AREA

Heritage Ranch Community Service District - 3-004.06 SALINAS VALLEY - PASO ROBLES AREA

A. Applicant Information

Requesting Agency Information
Agency Name: Heritage Ranch Community Service District
Address: 4870 Heritage Road
City: Heritage Ranch Zip: 93446
Work Phone: (805) 227-6230 Cell Phone:
Email: john@heritageranchcsd.com Fax:
Revision Request Manager Information
Person Name:
City: Zip:
Work Phone: Cell Phone:
Email: Fax:

B. Description of Proposed Boundary Modification

  1. Modify western boundary of the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin 3-04.06 on the Nacimiento River
    • Scientific External
  2. Modification of the boundary should be considered based on the history of Bulletin 118, geology, and surface water contracts within the modified area.
  3. Not applicable

C. Initial Notification and Combination of Requests

  1. Yes
    Local Agency Potential Basin(s)/Subbasin(s)
    Templeton Community Services District 3-004.06 SALINAS VALLEY - PASO ROBLES AREA
    Heritage Ranch Community Service District 3-004.06 SALINAS VALLEY - PASO ROBLES AREA
    Monterey County Water Resources Agency 3-004.06 SALINAS VALLEY - PASO ROBLES AREA
  2. No

D. Required Documents for All Modifications

Project is exempt from Section 21000 of CEQA

E. General Information

Boundary modification request is to exclude a portion of the Nacimiento River from Bulletin 1183-04.06 where the alluvium is 24 feet or less deep below the river flood plain (17 feet of saturated thickness), as observed in several borings, and 600 feet wide. This is less than the 25-foot depth required for aquifers within a basin per DWR boundary guidelines. The alluvial deposits narrow where the USGS stream gage 1114940 is located on Camp Roberts’ property (35° 45’ 41” latitude, 120° 51’ 16” longitude).

F. Notice and Consultation

See attached list.
Attended and explained our request for basin modifications at a San Luis Obispo County Water Resources Advisory Committee meeting on 3/2/16. Held Public Hearing on 3/17/16 of our request.
No agencies are affected by this request. Notice send to all water agencies.
Attended SLO County WRAC meeting on March 2 Held Public Hearing on March 17
No comments received.

H. Local Support

All requests for boundary modification must include the following:
No support or opposition to proposed boundary modification.
No comments were received because all basin agencies/systems know that 1/2 mile from the Nacimiento Dam is surface water and not within the water bearing Paso Robles Formation..
Not applicable

I. Hydrogeologic Conceptual Model

Requests for boundary modification, must include a document or text to a clearly defined hydrogeologic conceptual model demonstrating each of the following:
See attached.

J. Technical Studies for External Scientific Modifications

Requests for a scientific modification must include a document containing information that demonstrates the extent of the aquifer. Provide the following:
Revised technical memorandum with maps attached. This report supersedes the March 1 report. Text did not change only revised maps.
See attached.
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