In conjunction with the release of the latest version of California’s Groundwater (Bulletin 118), DWR is excited to announce the release of our newest groundwater tool called California’s Groundwater Live. This new application provides powerful new tools for users to view, interact, and analyze the latest groundwater information in an open and transparent platform.

For a glossary of water terms used on this site view the DWR Water Basics Glossary

California’s Groundwater Live provides the most relevant and recent groundwater information at the click of a button. The webpage also includes a series of interactive dashboards which allow users to interact and customize what groundwater data they would like to view. Users can filter the data by address, county, groundwater basin, well depth and even time period to see unique data summaries. California’s Groundwater Live has been developed for a variety of users including groundwater managers, governmental agencies, well owners, non-governmental organizations, water policy makers and members of the public interested in groundwater.

From preparing for and responding to drought, to educating and empowering well owners, to helping GSAs engage with their communities to sustainably manage groundwater – this innovative platform gives users the power to explore groundwater information from a computer or smart phone.

Welcome to the future of accessing groundwater information, welcome to California’s Groundwater Live.


Individual tutorials have also been created for each interactive dashboard within California’s Groundwater Live. Users can access these tutorials by clicking the link called “Click here to learn how to use this dashboard” located at the bottom of each dashboard.

Questions and Feedback

Please contact us if you have questions about how to use California’s Groundwater Live or suggestions for future enhancements by emailing Calgw@water.ca.gov.